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Demystifying real estate data

Gabriel Damant-Sirois, CPO, Local Logic
Valérie Vanderhacgen, Director, Bi, Marketing and Sales, Smart Centres Real Estate Investment Trust
Pascal Harvey, Director, Urban Development, Sidlee Architecture

Collaboration and technology as pillars of modular construction and prefabrication

François Tremblay, P.Eng, Vice President Construction, Pomerleau
Carolyne Filion, Eng. Innovation Manager – R&D and Special Projects, Pomerleau
Etienne Gravel, Eng. Project Manager – Special Projects, Pomerleau
Anik Lefebvre, Senior Architect, PA LEED® C+C, BBBBL Architects
Bruno Longval, Eng. PA LEED, Director – Institutional Buildings, BPA
Gilbert Trudeau, President, RCM Modular

Optimize safety and productivity in the construction industry with digital transformation

Milie Perreault-Favreau, Director of Sales, IoT, Quebec and Maritime, TELUS Business
Alexandre Champoux, CEO, co-founder, Civalgo

Architecture, Engineering and Construction in the Digital Age

Éric Bernier, Technical Director, BIM-VDC, Graitec
Alexandre S. Boucher, P.Eng. | LEED Green Assoc. construction manager and partner, JBC Construction Canada
Jean-François Lefebvre, B.Sc. Urban Planning, CanBIM BP2, MDB Manager, EVOQ ARCHITECTURE
Geoffroy St-Laurent, President & CIO, Quadrumane Technologies

Funding for Canadian innovators

Patrick Seguin, Social Media and Marketing Strategist, Innovative Solutions Canada

Reducing embodied carbon in construction

Jacques Gauthier, VP Business Development, Upbrella
Alban Pilard, M.Eng, Corporate Responsibility Analyst, AGÉCO Group

The impact of telework on performance, corporate culture and information privacy

Robert Meunier, President, Maestro Technologies
Jean Turgeon, President, Jenaco
Catherine Dubois, HR Director, Demers Beaulne
Daniel Vendette, President, Conseil 2.0