The Workshop of Possibilities

L’Atelier des possibilités (The Workshop of Possibilities) is a collaborative space established by Batimatech to support the construction and real estate sector in its transition towards technological construction and innovation. It serves as both a virtual and physical space that facilitates meetings, exchanges, and the sharing of technological knowledge.

The goal of the Workshop of Possibilities is to stimulate and disseminate innovations and technologies in the field of construction in Quebec. It aims to bring together actors and professionals in the sector, whether established or emerging companies, to collaborate, exchange ideas, and challenge traditional methods. Emphasis is placed on sharing technological know-how, adopting sustainable development practices in construction, and supporting the creation and growth of Quebec’s technological companies.

Batimatech: Fostering Innovation and Digital Transformation in Construction through the Workshop of Possibilities

By facilitating networking and collaboration among various industry stakeholders, the Workshop of Possibilities creates an ecosystem conducive to innovation and digital transformation in the construction sector. It provides physical and virtual co-working spaces, as well as experimentation labs (Fablabs) where entrepreneurs can develop, test, and refine their ideas and prototypes.

Batimatech serves as a catalyst for technologies and innovations in the construction field. The organization is committed to supporting companies offering technological solutions and innovative equipment for the construction and real estate sector. It assists these companies in validating, consolidating, and improving their business models, entering the market, and securing new projects in Quebec, Canada, and internationally.

In summary, the Workshop of Possibilities and Batimatech play a crucial role in accelerating the digital shift and technological innovation in the construction sector in Quebec. They connect industry players, promote the sharing of knowledge and ideas, and contribute to establishing Quebec as a recognized center of expertise in sustainable development technologies in the construction field.


Join the Workshop of Possibilities, and together, let’s build the future of technological construction !

Activities and Projects by Batimatech

Batimatech, as a non-profit organization (NPO), spearheads the Workshop of Possibilities project. Its primary role is to act as a catalyst in the construction, technology, and sustainable development sector by promoting innovation, collaboration, agility, and the integration of the best digital solutions into the business ecosystem and institutions.

Among the projects undertaken by Batimatech are:

  • 1-Workshop of Possibilities: The collaborative co-creation space dedicated to stimulating and disseminating innovations and technologies in the construction sector in Quebec, as mentioned earlier.
  • 2-Survey of Technological Solutions and Innovative Equipment: Batimatech collaborates with the Ministry of Economy and Innovation to survey technological solutions and innovative equipment available for the construction sector.
  • 3-Batimatech Training Program: Batimatech offers a continuous training program recognized by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). This program meets the requirements of mandatory continuing education for general and specialized construction contractors since April 1, 2022.
  • 4-Events: Batimatech organizes several events to promote the exchange of ideas and collaboration in the construction, technology, and sustainable development field. These events include the Grand Batimatech (8th edition in 2023), the PitchTech Innovation Construction Competition, the Batimatech PropTech Conference, and Batimatech International.
  • 5-Current Webinars: Batimatech conducts webinars on the digital transformation of construction businesses to keep industry stakeholders informed about the latest trends and best practices.
  • 6-Interactive Visits / Technological Tours: Batimatech offers interactive visits or technological tours to allow industry stakeholders to discover and experience new technologies and innovations.
  • 7-Audit 4.0: Batimatech participates in the digital transformation initiative implemented by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI) by offering the Audit 4.0 tool. This tool assists companies in their digital transformation by assessing their needs and providing tailored recommendations.

These activities and projects demonstrate Batimatech’s commitment to promoting innovation and digital transformation in the construction sector in Quebec.

Join the Workshop of Possibilities and become a change-maker in the construction industry. Together, we can push boundaries, explore new solutions, and create a sustainable and technologically advanced future for our industry.

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Francis Bissonnette will be surrounded by high-caliber mentors, thus strengthening Batimatech’s mentoring network:

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