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Construction – Technologies – Sustainable development



Batimatech is a non-profit organization (NPO) acting as a catalyst for the construction, technology and sustainability community whose mission is to foster innovation, collaboration, agility and integration of the best digital solutions in our business ecosystem and institutions.



7th Edition Batimatech |

September 26-27th, 2022

Digital Transformation & Collaboration




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→ See retrospective (in French) of the 6th edition



THEMES | Data ; Digital transformation and security | Productivity ; The digitization of Architecture
| Financing | GHG Reduction | Telecommuting | Prefabrication | Robotics
Robotics | BIM | Collaboration | 3D Printing

→ Consult all the participations to the Batimatech 2020 event



Source : The building site in 2030: The building site of the future according to Laure Ducoulombier, from the chair of construction 4.0 © F.L. for Batiactu


Who are the participants of Batimatech?

30% > architects – engineers – colleges and universities
30% > builders – developers – contractors – investors – associations
40% > software developers – manufacturers – researchers – designers



Batimatech, the technological meeting place for players in the construction, technology and sustainable development

*Batimatech conferences may be eligible for continuing education


Several advantages are offered to you with your Batimatech membership


Batimatech launches a major technological censusIn collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Innovation , Batimatech has set up a census of technologies that will identify and highlight the technological solutions and innovative equipment available for the construction sector


Batimatech Training | Physical and Virtual

Virtual, hybrid and face-to-face personalized support and training in digital business transformation and sustainable business development Several Batimatech and Grand Batimatech training courses are recognized by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), the Corporation of Master Pipe Mechanics of Quebec (CMMTQ) and the Corporation of Master Electricians of Quebec (CMEQ) as part of mandatory continuing education obligations.

WHY BatimaTech?

The contribution of technology constitutes a powerful vector of development. Technology is an ally in achieving profitability and competitiveness goals. The Batimatech conference offers an opportunity for exchange between various conference participants and representatives of companies in the construction industry, to express the importance of technology and sustainable development in their business practices.

Collaboration Tools

Communication and collaboration between stakeholders in the construction sector are essential elements for the success of a construction project

PitchTech construction

What are the new technologies for the construction sector? Several innovative technological solutions are presented in front of a jury and the public. Mandatory format of the participants’ presentation: two minutes

Smart home, smart building and smart office: what is it all about?

More and more developers, builders of single-family homes, communities or contractors are embarking on smart construction projects

Drone, Robot & Industrialization

What is the difference between a robot and a drone? What are their uses on a construction site? What about the industrialization of the building?


Summary of the 2019 edition


Number of participants (sold out)
40 %
Growth in participation
Number of partners
Number of kiosks (sold out)
97 %
Satisfaction rate with conference content
Finalists in the PitchTech innovation contest
Of prizes to be won
Members of the jury

Manufacturers… Wake up to the digital age!

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Construction – Technologies – Sustainable development

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    Batimatech is a non-profit organization. BATIMATECH is a catalyst for the construction, technology and sustainable development community whose mission is to foster innovation, collaboration, agility and the integration of the best digital solutions in our business ecosystem and institutions

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