Fifth PitchTech Innovation Contest
on Tuesday 28 September 2021 as part of the
the Great Batimatech Conference


The Batimatech team is honored to announce the PitchTech Construction and Innovation Batimatech 2021 contest

The purpose of the contest is to reward and promote innovation in the construction sector through the creation or significant improvement of a product or service (Technology and Sustainable Development)

For more information, please contact Liliia 514-840-1288


Presention the 28 of september, 2021- Montréal


At the latest, 16 of July 2021 at 18 h 00  Deadline for submission of applications
At the latest, 23 of July 2021  at 18 h 00Delivery of visual aids (Video pitch from 60 to 90 seconds and/or PowerPoint)
week of the 25 of August 2021          Announcement of the eight (12) finalists and the jury
3 september  2021Provision of visual aids (PowerPoint or PDF) – max 5 page
28 september 2021         Presentations at Batimatech 2021


– Before the public and jury
– Duration of 3 minutes maximum
– Jury Question Period (3 minutes)
– Score awarded by the jury and the publication



For more information, contact Lilia 514 840-1288 or

    The members of the Batimatech 2020 jury





    visuel concours Pitchtech innovation construction Batimatech 2020


    The members of the Batimatech 2019 jury

    Batimatech Jury - François Gilbert

    Jury Batimatech - Isabelle-Eve Poirier

    Lyne Laperriere jury Batimatech

    Batimatech Jury - René Breyel

    Concours PitechTech Innovation Batimatech - visuel 7 doigts - Trophée 3D


    This MIPIM PROPTECH NEW YORK prize will offer two free registrations
    at the MIPIM PropTech 2019 event, on November 12-13 in New York, and one night’s accommodation in a hotel not far from the Metropolitan Pavilion.

    This prize is worth US$1,000.

    MIPIM PROPTECH NEW YORK price regulations:

    • A company offering a product or service for commercial, office or industrial real estate.
    • Market the product or service for more than one year.
    • Already have a client to his credit.
    • Utility of the service/product to support the company to be more efficient


    Sustainable Development Award 2019

    This prize is worth $1,000 CDN.

    Access to the 3 annual conferences of the Quebec Green Building Council:

    1. Architecture
    2. Materials
    3. Urban planning

    Favorite Award 2019

    This prize is worth $1,000 CDN.

    Description of the prize:

    • to be determined

    Sim5 Award 2019

    prix concours Batimatech Sim5

    This prize is worth $1,000 CDN.

    Support of the winners by SIM5 (3 months period):

    • Marketing and business development strategy
    • Communication and social network strategy
    • Training and workshops with professionals and partners


    • Present a product or service in the public marketing phase for less than 3 years
    • Include a technological and sustainable development component
    • Expect significant revenue growth for the innovative product or service
    • Have submitted your application before the deadline


    sim5 logo                                 ACQ

    BIM Québec               Maestro                  

    Polytechnique Montréal                                        Pomerleau

    FDS                 Université de Montréal                     Programme Innovation Construire Canada

    Conseil national de recherches Canada             Techno Montréal                Centech

    CMMTQ                   CETAF               Cefrio